Citizen participation for Oslo arkitekturpolitikk

Citizen participation for Oslo Arkitekturpolitikk

The city of Oslo, Norway, has during 2017 developed a strategic policy document for the city’s future architecture policy. In this process Oslo municipality wanted to involve citizens and get the people’s opinion about their local environment. COurban has on behalf of Oslo city’s planning department, done a citizen participation analysis report to support the architecture policy document and ensure the voice of the locals. COurban visited all 16 neighborhoods of Oslo to talk to people about what makes Oslo a good city to live in. We talked to people of all ages, genders and ethnicity to ensure that all type of citizens were represented. In addition to the situational interviews, we also conducted strategic interviews with organizations, associations, and individuals that in one way or another represent groups of citizens that are stigmatized, excluded or less visible in the streets.

Covering topics such a neighborhood qualities, climate change, safety, mobility, identity and co-creation, the citizen were given an opportunity to influence the future development of Oslo. Their voices was then put together in a report that will give politicians, professionals, and decision makers a valuable insight into what Oslo citizens like about their city and which areas to focus on in the future architectural development.

We look forward to share the report Oslo Citizens About Architecture Policy (Osloborgere om arkitekturpolitikk) with you when it is published! Until then, you can watch and listen to these clips about the project:

Local TV news clip (in Norwegian)

Local radio news (in Norwegian)

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