For the last four years we have worked together with more than 30 communities to voice their needs, desires, challenges and opportunities they see in local urban development. We strive to make the built environment reflect these values better by continuously developing new and creative tools for designing democratic cities.

Our toolbox and interdisciplinary approach is a unique asset, which ensures that we can follow a project all the way from abstract ideas or thoughts, to a final design and implementation.

  • We give you access to our tools to conduct mapping and socio-cultural analysis in order to uncover the social, cultural, environmental and economic value of the place
  • We use our sharp, analytical skillsets to combine field- and relevant desk research in an informative, comprehensible, and engaging product.
  • We design, test and evaluate solutions in collaboration with local forces to ensure greater success in a permanent design.
icon placemaking


We connect people with each other and with the place they live.

We facilitate co-creation processes at every scale, to engage and enhance local capacity and make sure their values are reflected in the decisions made.

icon design


In dialogue with urban actors, we do anything from spatial analysis to temporary design, urban strategies or concept development.

We guide the process creatively and with active inclusion throughout.

icon education


We are sharing our knowledge by teaching and organizing workshops, lectures, masterclasses, bike and walking tours in Copenhagen. We are always happy to cater the topic to your interests.

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