Co-creating the new Molobyen in Bodø

Co-creating the New Molobyen in Bodø

In close collaboration with Bodø municipality, Breivika Utvikling Bodø AS is transforming a former industrial site into a new, attractive and inclusive neighbourhood in the heart of Bodø, Norway. Together with Prologue, COurban have been responsible for conducting a thorough and innovative participation process. Through constant feedback loops between the design process and the participation process, we have ensured that people’s needs and dreams have been incorporated in the planning of the new neighbourhood. 

In 2019 we conducted survey mapping of people’s perception and relationship to Bodø, the dreams they have for the future of their city, as well as their inputs to the masterplan suggestions that were developed by three different architect studios. 

To ensure the involvement of children and youth, a separate survey was developed for those younger than 15 years. 

In 2020 a three step participation process focused on identifying and developing more concrete ideas and suggestions to the social, cultural and physical functioning and layout of Molobyen.

To adapt the process to different target groups, different methods were applied. Among the activities conducted were a workshop with youth, in-depth interviews with seniors, interactive digital brainstorming, and targeted participation with interest groups and stakeholders.

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