Children and Young People’s Use of Ørsta Town Center

Children and Young People’s Use of Ørsta Town Center

Ørsta municipality in Norway wanted to gain knowledge about the movement patterns of children and young people, as well as the demographic group’s general use of the center of Ørsta to promote public health and inclusion in the process of urban renewal for the city center.

Children and young people’s behavior, thoughts and needs were mapped. The participants were actively included in the research through drawings of their movement patterns and their own descriptions of the use, experience and desires for the center of Ørsta. The qualitative component of the mapping allows for a much deeper understanding in the choices young people make, both in terms of transportation and activities.

The results from the mapping allowed for specific recommendations to be made on how to enhance both physical and social activity among children and youth, as well as provide an empirical basis for Ørsta municipality to make informed decisions when designing for this demographic group in the future. The recommendations by COurban has already lead to implementations in bicycle infrastructure to promote safe school ways in Ørsta. Read more here (in Norwegian).

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