Clean Air in Local Children’s Zones

Clean Air in Local Children’s Zones

In a joint effort, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Planning in The City of Copenhagen wish to address children’s exposure to air pollution during their way to and from schools and while spending time near their educational institutions. During the fall and winter of 2020 we conducted an analysis of six zones selected by the City of Copenhagen, to identify areas where children were especially exposed to air pollution from traffic. The two fold analysis consisted of a spatial analysis of the built environment, landscape etc. in relation to roads, traffic numbers and general wind direction. The social analysis focused on where the children were coming from and spending time outside during the day. The product was an extensive report of the findings of the analysis and a catalogue of physical and social designs to minimise exposure to air pollution. Place specific suggestions were also designed for all of the selected zones.

The project was conducted in collaboration with spectrum architects, with consulting from experts working with air pollution at Rambøll, and mobility at Jaja architects. Students from Roskilde University assisted the data collection. 

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