The Tacoma to Puyallup connection Masterclass

The Tacoma to Puyallup Connection Masterclass

In August 2018, COurban hosted a masterclass for the Tacoma to Puyallup Connection. For five days in Copenhagen and Malmö, we experienced guest lectures, talks and hosted bike tours with a focus on bicycle urbanism and open space connections. The objective of the Masterclass was for the delegation to learn from Danish elected officials and planning/transportation experts, and experience the walking and biking networks. Participants used their new knowledge and tools to gather consensus about the envisioned bicycle and pedestrian connection between Tacoma, WA and Puyallup, WA.

The delegation consisted of 13 local leaders, representing jurisdictions at local, regional and state levels. It included three mayors from Tacoma, Puyallup and Fife; Puyallup tribal council members; directors of two local non-profits as well as state- and county representatives. The class included lectures from local, regional and state policymakers, visits to various governmental agencies, NGOs, and bicycle tours around the city of Copenhagen.

The goal of this Masterclass was to gather a cohort of decision makers committed to seeing this project come to fruition, to develop a concrete plan to move this project into design and construction. The masterclass program also consisted of a pre-departure meeting in which all except two members of the cohort attended for some background and information as well as a short workshop to identify the key challenges and opportunities with the masterclass. After the Copenhagen trip, there was a follow-up meeting with the cohort in which COurban will facilitated some activities in order to plan for the next steps of the project.

The masterclass programme is generously supported by ScanDesign Foundation and the Puyallup watershed initiative AT COI.

Read about our masterclass programme here, or see another example from the COurban masterclass with the City and Port of Bellingham.

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