The Capitol Hill Urban Liveability Masterclass

The Capitol Hill Urban Liveability Masterclass

In August 2019,  COurban hosted a Urban Liveability Masterclass that brought together government and nonprofit leaders and stakeholders from the Capitol Hill neighbourhood in Seattle, WA for an immersive week of fieldwork, tours, lectures, presentations, and workshops. The participants studied world renowned public spaces and public life in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden to bring home inspiration and actionable strategies to Capitol Hill.

The Masterclass participants spent the week with talks and tours from professionals who have influenced Copenhagen’s public spaces to learn how evidence-based practices and institutional decision-making in the public realm helped the city become one of the world’s most liveable urban environments. Participants learned about the sustainability requirements Copenhagen has set for municipal development and the city’s collection and use of qualitative and quantitative data to continually improve their public realm. The delegation has brought these lessons home to Seattle and have develop a shared vision for future investments and stewardship of Capitol Hill’s public spaces.

The masterclass programme is generously supported by the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict and ScanDesign Foundation.

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