Sign up for the COurban Masterclass!

Sign up for COurban Masterclass!

POSTPONED. Stay tuned for new dates later this year.

The COurban Masterclass offers an intensive three-day program to discover why Copenhagen is to be in the premier league of vibrant cities in 2025 using Co-Creation as a vision to get there.

We believe that one of the most important steps in creating democratic and livable cities is to share knowledge, and the Masterclass is the perfect forum for it. Participating in the COurban Masterclass will allow you to understand why Co-Creation processes are foundational to understand the different users and uses of a space, to ensure democratic urban spaces, and ultimately a higher rate of success of the design.

This immersive three day experience will examine the topic of Co-creation through the aspects of  livability, sustainability, flexibility and creativity. Each day will be an exciting mix of guest talks, tours, workshops and fun experiences. The Masteclass will also be a great opportunity to establish connections between passionate people.


Are you interested in hearing more about the masterclass?

The DAY 1: A livable city

Better everyday life in urban spaces

Best city for cyclists

More Urban Nature


DAY 2: A responsible city

First carbon natural capital city

No waste of resourses

Climate-proof with greater value

DAY 3: A city with an edge

Flexibility and Creativity

Unique Neighbourhoods that belong together

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